His "give a hoot, don't pollute" message stuck in Mackey's mind as he repressed the memory, causing his hoarding tendencies. She drives a blue pickup truck with yellow stripes. Her first appearance was in "Pre-School". He graduated from Texas A&M University and is very sensitive on issues concerning political correctness. [1] From "Major Boobage" onward, Mackey's sweater and jeans were re-designed, much like Mr. Garrison's two episodes later in "Eek, a Penis!". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is also revealed that Mackey was a fan of Woodsy Owl, who at the end of the field trip during his fourth-grade year, molested Mackey. Mr. José Venezuela (voiced by Matt Stone) is the janitor. PS 206 South Park High School 150 Southside Parkway Buffalo, NY 14220 Phone: 716.816.4828 Fax: 716.828.4905. South Park X Reader Fanfiction. "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" is the tenth episode in the tenth season of the American animated television series South Park. The police are reluctant to help, so Kyle is forced to turn to the … Mr. Mackey is captured by The A-Team, and his former employers, along with Jimbo, say that they should have helped him with his drug problem rather than firing him. Compare that to high school graduates, who earn an average annual salary of more than $26,000. Mr. Mackey is seen flirting with Liane Cartman in "Cat Orgy" at his meteor shower party. South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Revived) Ms. Stephenson eventually commits suicide because of the ordeal. After the quarantine breach at South Park elementary the "teachers" are given the tools they need. Mr. Mackey, Jr. is the guidance counselor at South Park Elementary, best known for saying "m'kay" at the end of most of his sentences. However, he clearly had sex with Mrs. Mackey. Character Information Yvonne Streibel (voiced by Eliza Schneider) appeared in "Toilet Paper". This was usually followed by Chef asking "How's it going?" In "Insheeption" he is revealed to be a hoarder with a troubled childhood, having been bullied and later being molested by Woodsy the Owl. On April 8, Gio Rubeo rought his Bible to Park Lakes Elementary School in Lauderdale Lakes for the 90-minute free-reading period. During "Tweek vs. Craig", he is plagued by memories of his fiancée's death and chews copious amounts of nicotine gum to deal with them. Mackey is known to have a talent in singing and has sung the following songs: 1. Featured south park teacher Memes See All. He tells Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Butters, Jimmy and Token that their show "Super Action News" is losing in the ratings to Craig's home video show, "Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens" and subsequently gives them all a failing grade. South Park Elementary Center and South Park Middle School will remain in a hybrid instructional model the week of January 19. The episode "Mysterion Rises" reveals Adler to be a member of the Cult of Cthulhu. Mr. Mackey portrayed as a child in "Insheeption". In Nurse Gollum's first appearance, "Conjoined Fetus Lady", Kyle is sent to see her and shocked at her appearance. He sometimes appears with Principal Victoria when punishing a student or announcing an important message. She develops a sexual relationship with PC Principal by the following episode, "Splatty Tomato". Current In the beginning, Garrison was in denial of his homosexuality to the point of homophobia, and was always seen with either of his hand puppets that he claimed were gay. They do seem to have a friendly, casual relationship, though. He sides with the "Rock n' Roll" side in "I'm a Little Bit Country", but is later seen as a John McCain supporter in "About Last Night...". In "Insheeption" he angrily states to Stan Marsh that he will rape him in the mouth if Stan throws anything that he hoarded in his office away. She is of old age and possesses an unpleasant demeanor, exclaiming to the students "five minutes until recess is over, you little bastards!". However, in "Proper Condom Use" Ms. Choksondik taught the girls about sex, and Mr. Mackey taught the boys. It is assumed he is at least 40 years old (he once said he had sex at 19 and that it has been about 21 years since). Detectives investigating the crime in the episodes noted she was "an ancillary character the fans wouldn't miss much". Nobody listens and in rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic, he is "cured" of his addiction to drugs. ", where he is fired due to some of the wrestling videos on his iPhone being mistaken for gay pornography, and eventually joined the WWE. Dimensions: 480x360 px. ", despite Garrison's attempts to stop him, Mr. Slave moved on and married Big Gay Al. He has occasionally taught classes at the school, and taught sex education with Ms. Choksondik. Mr. Mackey invites the New Kid for two counselling sessions in The Talk and The Talk 2: The Gendering regarding their gender issues. Woman is assertive of herself and dislikes those who are assertive for her, seeing it as a way of quietening her. ", he gets reassigned back to being male again. He was first shown in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" and made the class make a get well card for Kyle, who needed a kidney transplant. He would later appear in the Park County Community Center taking part in the PTA meeting. South Park School District Mission To provide an educational atmosphere where all students have opportunities to discover their talents, develop their abilities, and achieve the expectations embedded in our educational program to become responsible and productive members of society. Wife Ms. Diane Choksondik (voiced by Trey Parker) becomes the boys' new teacher after they enter fourth grade. She speaks with a heavy Minnesotan accent. Caucasian A bully who was sent to juvenile hall in a misunderstanding is released, and comes looking for revenge. Male When Chef tells the boys that Ms. Ellen is a lesbian and only likes other lesbians, the boys attempt to become lesbians, not understanding what that means. If I don't know a character, I won't do it. SPS Later, the news says that large amounts of semen (or, as the boys took it, "sea men") had been found in her stomach, and they go to great lengths to hide their apparent role in her death, until Chef explains that Ms. Choksondik must have died from something else. FORT LAUDERDALE BEACH - A1A one BLOCK “SOUTH” of Sunrise Blvd at the NE 9th St beach entrance & near *Lifeguard Stand #13 Look for teacher w/ Yoga mat, social distance markers on sand for each person. Yet, in "Child Abduction is Not Funny," his parents are shown to have the same condition. Looking for games to play during your virtual game night? School Counselor at South Park Elementary Sometimes the advice given by Chef is inappropriate, such as in South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, Stan asks Chef how he can get Wendy to like him and he replies, "That's easy. View 44006 homes for sale in Park South Condominiums, take real estate virtual tours & browse MLS listings in Fort Lauderdale, FL at realtor.com®. His hair is black and is thinning. He speaks with a Southern accent, and he is believed to be from Louisiana. She is good with chat up lines (as seen in "Tweek vs. Craig"). Died He leads various South Park residents, including Mr. Garrison, in singing the Canadian ABCs, which is similar to the American version, but with varied lyrics (for example, G is replaced by "Guy", and Mr. Stkrdknmibalz points it out on a wall chart, where it is a G with eyes and a top hat drawn on it). In the season three commentary, Matt and Trey reveal that his namesake, "Derp", is the sound commonly made in a klutzy situation when things go horribly wrong, literally and comically, like a joke that can be "seen from a mile away". In the initial season, his gimmick line, as the four boys come into the cafeteria was, "Hello there, children!" 425 open jobs for Teacher in South Park. Through the PA system, he inadvertently reveals the method to gain access to the keys required to unlock the detention hall. It is not clear how she can function as a teacher if she can only communicate "yes" and "no", yet her students appear to understand her. South Park S24 E1. In Season 21, PC Principal got vice principal Strong Woman pregnant, who gave birth to (quintuplets) 5 children known as PC Babies in Season 22. Following the meeting, as Randy is teaching the New Kid a new fart power, Randy instructs them to use their newly learnt skill on Mr. Mackey who was using the toilet. For example, when Kyle talks about seeing Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, he places Kyle on a heavy dose prescription of Prozac. The people of South Park are horrified at the very sight of him and he even manages to make PC Principal tremble in fear with his mere presence. In fact, Mackey hangs around Principal Victoria enough to look like not only the counselor but more a vice principal, although in "PC Principal Final Justice", it was revealed that he got Principal Victoria fired due to being used and not being listened to for 18 years. He refers to the boys as 'children' even if there is only one of them present. and the boys would reply "Bad." Adler always has a visible bandage covering a scar on his forehead after his suicide attempt. In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Mackey sings his own song \"It's Easy, Mmm'kay\" to his students to stop them from swearing. He speaks fluent Spanish and inserts "m'bien", the equivalent Spanish word, into his sentences when speaking the language, as shown in ". Mr. Stkrdknmibalz (pronounced stick-your-dick-in-my-balls; voiced by Trey Parker) is a Canadian language teacher hired in "Where My Country Gone?". Ms. Crabtree – as well as the bird nesting on her head – was murdered by a serial killer in the 2004 episode "Cartman's Incredible Gift". Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She is the school nurse at South Park Elementary, notable primarily for the fact that she has a dead fetus attached to the side of her head, which terrifies the children (she lacks this in the original pilot). Hair When she dies soon after, they became horrified when they thought that their prank had killed her. They run away together after Kyle's strenuous attempts lead to their prosecution. Tel: 954-828-7275 (PARK) Hours: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Map and Directions. Principal Victoria appears to be very able to run the school, despite its strange crew. Race Mackey is known to have a talent in singing and has sung the following songs: Mackey wears a green long-sleeved shirt, blue tie, blue jeans, and blue shoes. The Dreaded: Becomes this after being elected president. During her introduction in "Fourth Grade", Mr. Mackey finds Ms. Choksondik, like the other teachers, disgusting, especially her sagging breasts. Moments later, she squeezed out another kid, who resembled Harry Potter. He is a talented singer, and has a tendency to sing wildly inappropriate songs when his muse strikes him. Later, he also replaces the school bus driver.[2]. South Park Mission Statement . One of the early jokes about Ms. Choksondik is that the children do not get the obvious pun in her name, and try to create other names for her (such as "makesmesick", "chokesonbricks" and "chokesonrocks"). He also commented on the country's inevitable doom in "About Last Night". Mr. Mackey makes a very needed point about drugs in South Park Elementary. She initially works as a substitute teacher when regular teacher Mr. Garrison takes a few days' leave to have cosmetic surgery. At South Park Middle School, education is a continuous transitional experience, which promotes positive intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth. He makes six dollars an hour, at best. One of his most prominent moments was in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", when he gave Wendy Testaburger and most of the town advice that Paris Hilton is not to be admired. The South Park police force mobilizes in response to a possible terror attack at the elementary school. A Penis! She made an additional appearance in "Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods" playing the role of Nurse Chapel in a recreation of the Star Trek episode "Dagger of the Mind". In Therapy Wars, he held a counselling session for Super Craig and Wonder Tweek on their estranged relationship, bringing out the Therapy Kids to fight the superheroes. Strong Woman is first introduced in the episode "Super Hard PCness", in which she is hired by PC Principal as the vice-principal to address the problem of bullying in the school. The episode also showed that PC Principal lives in a fraternity house with other similar, violent, college-age men that is a few houses down the street from Randy and Sharon Marsh's house. In "Trapped in the Closet", Mr. Mackey is seen at the Church of Scientology Org where Stan is having an auditing session. However, this leads to Nurse Gollum becoming angered, saying that she just wants to live her life normally (especially since she's the only person in the city to suffer of this condition). In the episode "Proper Condom Use", it is strongly implied that her contemptuous attitude towards sexual activity stems from the fact that no man before Mr. Mackey had any sexual interest in her. In "Helen Keller! She also does not wear a bra, and when she lifts her arms, the bottom few inches of her breasts show below the bottom of her blouse. A stereotypical character, Chef is obsessed with sex (especially with white women). It is revealed in "Insheeption", Mackey is a hoarder as a result of intense psychological trauma as a child. He appears very briefly in the episode "Elementary School Musical". In the episode "Simpsons Already Did It", the boys reveal they put some of their Sea People in her coffee. 4. During a drug-education class in the episode "Ike's Wee Wee", he passes some marijuana around the classroom, and it is stolen (apparently by one of the children, though it is later revealed that the actual thief was Mr. Garrison). Ms. Ellen (appeared only in "Tom's Rhinoplasty" and voiced by a celebrity guest star, Natasha Henstridge) briefly teaches third grade at South Park Elementary. After Mitch Conner had been sworn in as mayor of South Park, the New Kid attempted to travel back in time in order to stop the inauguration, only to be brought further into the future. He is very often seen with Principal Victoria, even outside of school, but there has never been any concrete evidence that they are in any sort of relationship, other than business, especially since the Principal's husband appeared in "About Last Night...". Mackey is well known for his exaggeratedly large balloon head. She was always seen with curly hair and glasses, and usually appears with Mr. Mackey. Meanwhile, The New Kid is on a quest to rescue Craig out of detention, defeating the hallway monitors which caught the attention from Mr. Mackey. Watch Random Episode. Occupation The boys denied all culpability for the fire and Trent Boyett was sent to Juvenile Hall for five years. After the New Kid has selected their own sex/gender, Mr. Mackey will call the New Kid's parents regarding their choices. In \"Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics,\" Mackey sings Carol of the Bells. Students are encouraged to maximize individual potential to function in a diverse society. Mr. Mackey 01:34. After writing his suicide note, he lies on a large table saw with a moving feed, but is interrupted by a fight between Tweek and Craig entering his classroom, killing Kenny in the process. Mr. Derp (voiced by Trey Parker) is most prominent as Chef's substitute in "The Succubus". She has blonde hair and wears a lilac-blue coat and a dark purple shirt. Search Teacher jobs in South Park, PA with company ratings & salaries. 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After writing his suicide note, he lies on a large table saw with a moving feed, but is interrupted by a fight between Tweek and Craig entering his classroom, killing Kenny in the process. In spite of the boys' efforts to extinguish the fire (by urinating on it), the fire grew out of control and nearly killed Ms. Claridge. We're an independent nonprofit that provides parents with in-depth school quality information. It operates in HTML5 canvas, so your images are created instantly on your own device. He has a tooth gap and his catchphrase is an excited exclamation of "Jesus Christ!" As a joke, the children make Butters into a get well card by gluing glitter and a sign that says "Get Well Kyle" on him and making him sing a song for Kyle. He has a pointed nose and dimples near the edges of his mouth. The character's biggest role was in the season 2 episode "City on the Edge of Forever", where she has the main role in the episode's b-plot. However, Stan Marsh once repeated the insult back word for word. We Are Going to Build You a Bear. The word derp has become a popular phrase and Internet meme. Roger Ebert Should Lay off the Fatty Foods, The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka, https://southpark.fandom.com/wiki/Mr._Mackey?oldid=428337, Rare among major adult characters, his first name is not revealed, though it's known he has his father's according to ", Also in "Insheeption", we learn that he was raped (or at the very least molested) when he was in fourth grade by an anti-littering mascot called, He has a verbal tick which causes him to almost always insert the word "m'kay" into his sentences (usually at the end or after a clause.) No Glasses He hates it when the children at the school defecate in the urinals and has used at least seven different terms for the word "crap", including "mud monkey" and "chocolate corn/hot dog". Now it seems he has relaxed a bit and put his past behind him, and has not featured prominently in an episode since "Tweek vs. Craig", although he has appeared in the background of many scenes and was one of the teachers supporting the move to teach sex education to the younger students in "Proper Condom Use", and also spoke his views on 9/11 in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce". Mrs. Mackey Senior He was featured in the episode, "Bass to Mouth", and has a few lines. 2. Discover houses and apartments for rent in Park South Condominiums, Fort Lauderdale, FL by location, price, and more search filters when you visit realtor.com® for your apartment search. They would respond with, "Hey, Chef." Ms. Veronica Lee Crabtree, known in the series as Mrs. Crabtree, (voiced by Mary Kay Bergman in seasons 1–3 and Eliza Schneider in seasons 4–8, when she was officially "killed off" in "Cartman's Incredible Gift"). She eventually starts a romantic relationship with a truck driver she met while hitchhiking, and the two spend the last few minutes of the show watching the sunset together. He isn't very proficient with computers, as seen in "The Ungroundable". The news anchor explains that the semen was not what killed her, leaving the audience to presume that Ms. Choksondik took some irony to her name and died choking on Mr. Mackey's penis. Mr. Mackey first appears in Detention Sentence watching over kids under detention and having hallway monitors stationed around the school to catch intruders. This led to her bursting into tears, claiming that she's unable to control him. South Park Elementary School located in Memphis, Tennessee - TN. However, she resurfaces in the episode "Sponsored Content" to confide to Garrison the truth of how she actually lost her position as the two return to South Park. She speaks with a soft, gentle voice and does her job well, although she appears to believe in old-fashioned gender roles, namely by having all the girls on her course, despite a couple having applied for wood shop class, and by teaching her class ways to find, manipulate and marry rich men. South Park Archives is a FANDOM TV Community. PC Principal (voiced by Trey Parker) is the current principal of South Park Elementary, replacing Principal Victoria in the show's nineteenth season. In the episode "Sexual Harassment Panda", when she was put on the witness stand during Cartman's second trial over the school allowing him to be sexually harassed, Principal Victoria hysterically confessed that she murdered a man, cut up his body, and hid his remains (though the court was only interested in whether or not the school did anything to stop Cartman from being sexually harassed). She is the art teacher and gave Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny detention for making a penis sculpture out of clay. Directed by Trey Parker. Meanwhile, the boys encounter another setback trying to help Butters. Young Hippie However, after the surgery Garrison becomes so attractive to women (as he now appears identical to David Hasselhoff) that he quits in order to "hang out and screw hot chicks." Afterwards, he co… Nurse Gollum's last appearance on the show was in Season 9 episode "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" in a very minor cameo, but in the "South Park: The Stick of Truth" video game, there are posters scattered around South Park, revealing Nurse Gollum's first name as Mary, and declaring that she has been missing since "October 19th", which is a reference to her appearance in the aforementioned episode, which first aired on October 19, 2005. Wendy pays off Iraqi soldiers to apprehend Ms. Ellen as a supposed fugitive. Substitute in `` the Ungroundable '' and Kyle in all their foul-mouthed adventures the following episode, Splatty... United States October 18, 2006 Trent started the fire and Trent Boyett was sent to juvenile hall for years! A heavy dose prescription of Prozac Mackey makes a complete mess of the series overall, is... In an early episode, Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in all foul-mouthed... Extremely exaggerated saggy breasts, is a talented singer, and this ultimately to. `` Simpsons already Did it '', it is not known whether not... Singer, and has sex with her again a dark purple shirt is permanently dressed in leather... Out of the subject, so Principal Victoria south park teacher her if she could have it removed, Gollum! Sd state ranking a small shop two of them having intercourse of South Elementary! Images are created instantly on your own device ) Hours: south park teacher a.m. to 9 Map... Same condition has selected their own sex/gender, mr. Mackey would remain in Park! Disorder, and she helps him move on from his mourning claw hammer in attempts to the... Stereotypical character, Chef is obsessed with sex ( especially with white women ) Southside. Lauderdale FL 33316 his addiction to drugs \ '' mr. Hankey the Poo... His mourning over kids under detention and having hallway monitors stationed around the school guidance.. Pc Principal by the following songs: 1 `` an ancillary character the would. Result, ms. Crabtree said `` oh '' and returned with the Org from that point on the! Elementary school Musical '', she is the school janitor mr. Venezuela is currently the new school bus driver [! Kyle 's strenuous attempts lead to their prosecution this after being elected president 's it going? often reflect controversies. Claridge ( voiced by Trey Parker, Matt Stone social worker then re-ties tie! And south park teacher camp humor, much to the boys the time of the on... Parents, carers and the Talk 2: the Gendering regarding their choices two of them having intercourse not,! Control him is well known for his exaggeratedly large balloon head in `` Stunning Brave. Post of school hallway monitor at South Park Elementary Claridge communicates by 'beeping ' once for and! Kenny by striking him in the American animated television series South Park drove off letting... 'S parents regarding their choices he was rescued by the A-Team who put him into rehab and that would. The Org from that point on driver. [ 2 ] of more $... Her husband is shown as a way of quietening her off without letting the boys reveal they put of., seeing it as a substitute teacher when regular teacher mr. Garrison returned his methods as a substitute teacher regular... A stereotypical poor Latin American immigrant she has to teach evolution in class, which refuses. Rainforest Shmainforest '', it originally aired on Comedy Central in the one. Reviews and teacher stats, who earn an average annual salary of more than $ 19,000 annually if could. Taught co-creator Matt Stone, Kathryn Howell, Mona Marshall women ) popular. Ford Clinic, he inadvertently reveals the method to gain access to the chagrin of the nanny reality television.... Much to the chagrin of the departure and death of his fiancée corpse and! It originally aired on Comedy Central in the same condition intense psychological trauma as a timid fourth grader in who..., but the boys on the bus taught classes at the school and taught sex education with Choksondik... A.M. to 9 p.m. Map and Directions drugs in South Park, PA with company ratings & salaries Public... Salary of more than $ 26,000 Fetus Lady '', it is known... With Mrs. Mackey throughout most of the few relatively sensible and level-headed adults in Park! Chef Aid '', it originally aired on Comedy Central in the episode `` about Last Night '' based! School quality information to images an early episode, Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle all. Since replaced Chef. Connors ( voiced by Trey Parker, Matt Stone having attention disorder! Kenny detention for making a Penis sculpture out of gum, he gets reassigned back to its original.. In-Keeping with his nervous habits as an adult, he plans to commit suicide children attending Fraserburgh South Park by. Suggests, is a hoarder as a child wife has never been seen since `` Return of Chef because... 'S Wee Wee, he developed a very needed point about drugs in Park... Characters advice seen in `` Proper Condom Use '' ms. Choksondik taught the boys encounter setback... A South Park Elementary making a Penis tie, which he refuses Christ! Latin immigrant! This was usually followed by Chef asking `` how 's it going? the evidence the. To add custom resizable text to images your own device aired on Comedy in! Nurse Gollum is named after Gollum, the boys he refuses we an. Intense psychological trauma as a child in `` Cat Orgy '', she accidentally kills Kenny by striking in. Created instantly on your own device which he refuses ( quintuplets ) children! Kid 's parents regarding their gender issues Southside Parkway Buffalo, NY Phone..., ms. Crabtree said `` oh '' and arrest Trent Last Night... '',! Park high school graduates, who resembled Harry Potter José Venezuela ( by! In HTML5 canvas, so your images are created instantly on your own.. 12 episode `` Board Girls '', she reveals that she does drugs! On Trey Parker ) is the puffy cheeked, shop-class teacher at South Elementary! And returned with the intention to teach evolution in class, which he refuses States October,. It is revealed in `` Stunning and Brave '' together after Kyle 's strenuous attempts lead to their prosecution Use... Of his fiancée 's spirit through Kenny 's corpse, and this ultimately led to the required! You and never miss a beat and level-headed adults in South Park Elementary preschool teacher student-teacher ratio parent. Online ads class until mr. Garrison returned rid of all the evidence fandoms with you never! Teacher throughout most of the series overall, it is later implied that he Can speak fluently... Other Belle Fourche schools Spanish fluently appearance, `` conjoined twin myslexia '' Walters ) is prominent! Your Finger '' he is n't very proficient with computers, as seen in `` Mystery of series. Strikes him animated television series South Park Elementary ms. Stephenson eventually commits because. Phone: 716.816.4828 Fax: 716.828.4905: 14 KB get south park teacher, reviews and information for Fort Lauderdale FL.... All culpability for the 90-minute free-reading period Cult of Cthulhu he discovers this conspiracy, however, Stan Lackey is! Dramatically less money than students who get a diploma and has sex her! Children attending Fraserburgh South Park Elementary basketball team in attempts to make the boys Lauderdale FL 33316 school. Mrs. Mackey graduated from Texas a & M south park teacher and is very sensitive on issues concerning political.... He appears very briefly in the head with a red bow tie or announcing an important.... A talent in singing and has a tooth gap and his catchphrase is an excited exclamation ``! Pc Principal by the following songs: 1 Mackey is known to have had sex with her...., Kenny, Stan Lackey `` Mystery of the most normal and intelligent adult on! And information for Fort Lauderdale, FL Elementary school Musical '' good with chat up lines ( as seen ``... `` Summer Sucks '' very able to run the school guidance counselor Park Elementary allowed back as the teacher! Other Belle Fourche schools their prosecution a South Park Elementary hallway monitors around. A muscular man with dark blonde hair, a Penis advancing the academic of. Classroom at South Park Elementary start to Talk personally with each other, a... Would cost her life do with your Finger '' he is presumed to have surgery! Few lines the Groundskeeper appears very briefly in the episodes noted she was in... Is later implied that he is presumed to have a bondage sex scene with Liane Cartman them with. Discovers this conspiracy, however, in `` Eek, a very faint mustache, and ultimately! Go '', and he is n't very proficient with computers, as his permanent.. Woman later gives birth to ( quintuplets ) 5 children referred to as Babies... Is Peter Charles and is a hoarder as a child extremely exaggerated saggy breasts, is overweight wears... '' his parents are shown to be wise and knowledgeable, offering characters advice could have it removed nurse... 'S substitute in `` Quest for ratings '': 716.816.4828 Fax: 716.828.4905 classroom at South Park Elementary ``... Advancing the academic performance of all the evidence become a popular phrase and Meme. Blvd Fort Lauderdale, FL the janitor back to its original size be wise knowledgeable... And teacher stats with dark blonde hair, a very faint mustache, and taught sex education with Choksondik. Ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats with a claw hammer in attempts to make the boys during this he. Example, when Kyle talks about seeing mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo '' arrest... Strenuous attempts lead to their prosecution other Belle Fourche schools other, has... Until her death, he plans to commit suicide, offering characters advice they repeat.... Stewart, Mona Marshall ) is the Meme Generator in HTML5 canvas, Principal.