There are many sources we use for our license plate search service. All vehicles must be registered in person at a DMV office and you will be issued a license plate accordingly. However, if you have specialty plates, you’ll receive your plates a few days later in the mail. This site is dedicated to the satisfying hobby of license plate collecting. The fiscal year (FY) is July 1 through June 30. If you’re buying a car privately, using this tool can let you know whether a vehicle is stolen or not. To transact by mail, send the plate application, with a check or money order for $5, plus postage and handling listed on the form. $25 initial application fee/ $25 annual renewal. Car plate search made simple.- just type the plate number. If a license plate search identifies a specific driver, a broader public records search may be conducted. WELCOME TO ARIZONA PLATES. You will be charged in increments of $100 using these rates: The way this tax is assessed is by calculating your vehicle’s overall value. This can prevent your plates from being abused and misused. Much of it comes from various motor vehicle departments. Additional license plate, VIN and vehicle information is available in our member’s area if you decide to sign up. Remember, the temporary permit is only valid for 3 days, failure to register your vehicle within that time can lead to other consequences. 1 Plate Issued. Vehicle title, registration renewal, custom and specialty license plates, duplicate driver's license and ID, and more. This allows for the transfer of a plate from one vehicle to another. You may relay your inquiries in person (office visit). After you have registered your vehicle, you can choose between standard and specialized license plates. Arizona License Plate Lookup A reverse Arizona license plate lookup can help you to quickly and easily identify the owner of a license plate you may see on a suspicious vehicle or one that appears to be breaking the law. ); or,A "company" (insurance company, life and health administrator, service company or other type of entity authorized to operate in Arizona). A $5 fee will be charged (plus postage and handling). License Search To verify a license, select Individual or Business, enter search criteria and click Search to see the results. It is unlawful to alter or modify an Arizona license plate. License Plate Search. Arizona law requires a vehicle owner to replace any issued license plate that has become damaged, deteriorated, illegible or unreadable. Here is a step by step guide on how to lookup Arizona License Plates and report bad drivers: Alternative fuel and gas-powered vehicles 5 years and newer. The moment you purchase your vehicle, you must register it right away. ), $5 check or money order for replacement fee. The plate number is the FCC assigned call sign. The fees for those are: If you require a permit to bring your vehicle to the MVD, here’s the cost: In the state of Arizona, you are also obliged to pay a vehicle license tax whenever you are registering or renewing a vehicle. Some restrictions apply and not all license plate searches are guaranteed to have results. license plate search Arizona, Arizona License Plate Lookup Your quest for the best Arizona license plate lookup ends at License Plate The license plate featured on a vehicle is not just meant to signify a vehicle’s registration, but it also holds some of the most important details about the … You may find while searching for your next used car, the owner has neglected to provide the VIN number. In most cases the website will identify the car and its basic information. To replace your plate, contact MVD or visit an Authorized Third Party office. Passport, Driver’s license, etc. Therefore, you could avoid getting involved in … Temporary issued placards must also be displayed per the same requirements. Arizona License Plates Search Another important info that you can get with a handy VIN code tool on our site is about lien and repossession records. License Plate Lookups in Arizona Before you purchase a new or used vehicle and obtain new AZ car tag credentials, you may perform an online license plate lookup to … Select and order personalized and specialty plates online. Their records can supplement your information needs about a certain car. Plates are currently issued by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) through its Motor Vehicle Division. If you want to personalize your license plate, here you can see which numbers are available to register. Your identity and the vehicle information will be verified. License Plate Design Nowadays, license plate lookup is a must when you are going to buy a used car. Copyright © Arizona Department of Transportation – All rights reserved. With access to the complete DMV records in all fifty states, this site and our partners are able to access and uncover the owner of any valid license plate. If you’re buying a car privately, using this tool can let you know whether a vehicle is stolen or not. If you suspect that your plates have been stolen, you should contact the police and file a report. The name of the state at the top of the plate cannot be obscured or covered. There’s a free online tool you can use to look up license plates in Arizona. Only rear plates have been required since 1989. A license plate search is very similar to a standard VIN check. This site contains records from participating Arizona Law Enforcement Agencies. The standard license plate in Arizona comes with the catchphrase “Grand Canyon State,” with a beautiful scene of a setting sun behind mountains. A plate must be replaced at an MVD Office or Authorized Third Party Provider. Quickly access ADOT services. If you sell, trade, or donate your vehicle, you may be able to transfer your AZ tags to your next vehicle. Costs vary based on the type of vehicle and style of plate. description How do I replace my lost, stolen, mutilated or faded Arizona license plate? A simple license plate number search could reveal information about the driver, traffic court records, criminal driving violations, vehicle identification number (VIN), vehicle title information, and more associated license plate records. For more information about Arizona's latest alphanumeric mashup plate series, see the Arizona License Plate Unscrambler. AZ Alternative Fuel Plate. Enjoy. Registered Professional Search; License Number First Name Last Name License Status Discipline City State Zip; Type specific search criteria such as a last name (or the beginning letters to return all licensees with those beginning letters), license number, or city. Just make sure you do your homework well. This allows you to drive your vehicle for inspection, registration, titling, and returning to your home. $17 dollars of the fee goes to a special fund for college scholarships, youth programs, and emergency response communications. In Arizona, the license plate belongs to the vehicle owner. Your identity and the vehicle information will be verified. is a free resource for license plate lookup and reporting bad drivers. For additional information, please see our Vehicle Services FAQ. While you are obligated to register your vehicle the moment you become a resident, you must also take your vehicle to an emissions test. Your elected leaders, Law Enforcement Resources/AZ Crash Report. SUMMARY: Arizona License Plates To apply for an Arizona license plate, you'll register your vehicle in person at a DMV office. License Plate Lookup - Reverse License Plate Search Get Information On Somebody From their License Plate Number. Search for Individuals or change to Our license plate search provides you with accurate, up-to-date information about the owner and vehicle of the license plate or VIN number you provide, including the current registered owners name & address, the vehicle year, make, model, and any available lien holders.” Those are: Note: if you modify or reconstructed a vehicle within these timeframes, you may not be exempted from an emissions test. You can apply for an Arizona license plate by registering your vehicle at the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Arizona issued pairs of license plates from 1914 to present with a few exceptions. How to lookup Arizona license plates There’s a free online tool you can use to look up license plates in Arizona. These databases are run by private companies, not State or Federal government organizations. You can search with a vehicle identification number (VIN), or you can search with a valid license plate number and state.Searching via a license plate and state is a terrific option if you can’t find the VIN, it’s hard to read or your car has no VIN. This allows you to drive your vehicle until your Arizona license plates arrived. A "licensee" (individual or business entity licensed as an insurance producer/agent, surplus lines broker, bail bond agent, rental car agent, self-service storage agent, etc. This free online service will help you check all the key data on the car or vehicle of your choice in a matter of minutes (sometimes it can be done even faster). Find By Plate allows you to look up a vehicle’s driver history and vehicle history. It is updated twice daily. It’s quick, convenient, and the best way to order your plate. Full story ...  |  View all available plates, Civil Rights/ADA | Derechos Civiles/ADA | Website Policies. If you lose or have your license plates stolen, you must replace them as soon as possible. If your selection requires additional documentation and you are unable to order online you may fill out a special plate application. Must be displayed in a position so the license plate is clearly legible, securely attached to prevent swinging and at a height at least 12 inches from the ground to the bottom of the plate. It means that if the owner of the car used the vehicle as a collateral for a loan, you will know it. If you are bringing your own vehicle from the previous state you lived in, any emissions test will be invalid. Vehicle title, registration renewal, custom and specialty license plates, duplicate driver's license and ID, and more. Find the vehicle information, owner information and report any Arizona license plate. These numbers are generally issued by a local city or state DMV, or another similar driver service agency. Please allow up to six weeks for processing. If you drive a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, you can participate in the Energy Efficient Plate Program, which grants you unrestricted access to HOV lanes. You too can have instant access to investigate practically anyone including job applicants, potential dates, neighbors, relatives, and even friends! For example, if you wanted ILOVEAR or SLORIDER or something else, you simply have to pay an additional $50 for personalization. “the DMV does not sell current registration records to the public OR to private databases.” “Docusearch is different. More plate fotos are planned to be added. To start your search, simply fill out the form above. Private databases purchase, organize, and sell information to consumers. There are a few types of vehicles that allow you to be exempt from an emissions test. Performing a License Plate Search When you perform a license plate search, you are looking up the unique plate number attached to a vehicle. Arizona License Plates. If other users have submitted any reports about the license plate number, images, videos, comments or even … 2021 ADOT- This is a Free Drupal Theme, Transportation Systems Management and Operations, contact MVD or visit an Authorized Third Party office, How do specialty plates get started? Each year you renew your vehicle, the cost will be lowered by 16.25%. Arizona License Plate Lookup Buying a used car instead of new in Arizona is a wise decision if you want to bag a bargain and save money in the process. Data measure activity during the fiscal year. Your vehicle will be calculated using 60% of the manufacturers original, retail price. The program is open to 10,000 vehicles only, and plates are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Arizona license plate lookup - get a vehicle history & info on how to pay traffic tickets in AZ. Some plates counted are no longer on vehicles. The application fee for the Alternative Fuel license plate is $8. Click on Apply to see results. When you are buying a new or used vehicle from a licensed dealer, they should provide you with a Temporary Plate. No … To renew your tags, renew your vehicle registration either online, in person, by mail, or by phone. We use a wide variety of sources in our license plate search system, including federal motor vehicle databases. In addition to the temporary plate, you can also apply for a restricted permit if you are buying a vehicle from a private owner. Arizona used to be noted for the unique variety and color of its license plates from the early years, into the copper years of 1932-34 and all the way thru the 20th century. As well, you can also use FindMyPlate to search for available license plates in Arizona. Note: Those purchasing specialized or personalized license plates will have additional fees. There are a few rules to follow if you decide to personalize your Arizona license plates: If you want to check and see which plates are available for personalization, use this free arizona license plate search tool. Your vehicle must pass Arizona’s smog and emissions test in order to complete the registration process and obtain your Arizona license plates. We’ve made it easier than ever to get an AutoCheck ® vehicle history report. Windshield stickers were issued in 1943, 1944, and 1946; a single license plate was issued in 1952 (and renewed with a 1953 tab); in 1966; in 1989 and 1990; and the 1996 base graphic license plate. There are many services that can provide a free license plate search and the results will be similar to what you see with a VIN check. Do not use profanity or inappropriate phrases, Do not exceed the limited number of characters allows, You can only use numbers and/or capital letters, Bring your personal ID (e.g. A … Find By Plate allows you to look up a vehicle’s driver history and vehicle history. To replace your plate, contact MVD or visit an Authorized Third Party office. Although we strive to maintain the accuracy of the information on this web site, it is not intended to provide definitive evidentiary proof as to the theft status of a vehicle. Starting April 15 2020, the previous AAA0000 format was abandoned and the passenger registration format switched to this mashup of letters and numerals. The free license plate lookup results may include the year, make and model of the vehicle, if results are found. How to Lookup Any Arizona License Plate Number 1. We're taking you through the process that takes a specialty plate from idea to a rear bumper. Standard Passenger Plates 2020 Series JGA1CHA. Alternatively, you can apply for specialty license plates that come in the following designs: In addition to getting custom style license plates, you can also personalize the characters on your plates. You can apply for a replacement either in person or by mail. Arizona License Plate Lookup Arizona DOT contains public records associated with Arizona registered plates. Note: If standard plates are in stock, the MVD can prepare your plates and return them to you within the same day. Your plate must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle with the following requirements: Arizona law requires a vehicle owner to replace any issued license plate that has become damaged, deteriorated, illegible or unreadable. Applicant must have a valid amateur operator license from the Federal Communications Commission. Offices can be found throughout the state and you should choose the nearest on to your residence. Other information comes from insurance companies, and still more comes from service stations. View the license and associated information for. Take a look at more than 60 plate styles and try out your favorite personalization to see if it’s available. When you go to the MVD in Arizona, you can register and title your vehicle at the same time.

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