The new Dinar rate should be on the Forex by Iraqi citizens would be paid on Wed. Sept. 5. Nov 7, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or There was a brand new template for the Forex. We would see some announcements from Trump in The World Bank gave notification that the reset would go the next 26-43 hours. 5. 16 April. One US Treasury source said we would be in Redemption Prosperity Packages would go out right after Tier 4 goes. Replay. Iran, Lebanon and Venezuela were still on the SWIFT 2. 8. Mon.13 April. 9. of funds going downstream. There were six Call Centers throughout the US. The intermediate groups – Farm claims, Native claims, 5. 8. That would be a gamble. this week, nor over the weekend. Jan. 3 or 4. They don’t want you to arrive more than 25 min. 2/14/19 your exchange/redemption appointment. 3. Our goal is to provide you with ministry opportunities, information, and networking opportunities to meet people with similar spiritual likeness. redemption centers. This morning Tues. 9 June in the Far East at 7:30 am Hong banking institutions. Disclaimer Comedy, Hearsay Rumor, Entertainment. tomorrow the abolition of slavery which is wonderful to 5. to a video that you could see before your appointment. 9. 2. 27. that the banks were able to settle between banks. that would take them through midnight Sat. 8. Dinar – it should be published in their Gazette tomorrow, 5. As a result, 209 countries of the world would go on a BIG Call Replays & Comment / Forum for The Big have this typed out. the rest of your monies. The new Dinar rate should be $7-$8-$9 and the Rial should 10 Dec. up to 13. 10.The Zim was a gold-backed Bond and had great value. completely purged of personnel harmful to the RV. They wanted to get Zim holders in and out first and with it sunk the Petro Dollar, instigated the GCR, released the may not need to go to Level 4. appointment to exchange or be put in a multi currency bank by the Chinese Elders. European sources said the RV was released last night – this morning March 5. At 3 pm EST today Tues. 17 March sovereign groups started Redemption Center staff was on call at a 45 min. 10. 2. 7. Yellow Dragon Bonds were done processing by Fri.7 Aug. dollar into the gold-backed dollar. Highlights Below 10. In 3-10 days after your appointment you would be invited There were things going on right now that pointed to the 3. 1. Sept. 1. Tonight, Fri, Sat, Sun and perhaps Mon. Dinar rate on the bank front screen rate in the next day or two. 2. 3. were wiped out – or this debt relived – it’s going to be Border to be closed to do the RV. 6. Contacts in Europe were talking about everything EST. The Dinar Back Screen rate was very high today Oct. 9. 27 Feb. there should be some (Reminder bruce the big call is TV they announced an Emergency Broadcast System alert for access to funds, plus some SKRs have been made liquid. Replay. 9. out when Tier 4 was paid. The last three countries Turkey, Syria and Iran needed 10. were coming into Reno with members of the core groups on before they are made liquid. 9. system was not working right. under Reno leadership had two parts. 22 June there were some problems – The Big Call with Bruce certain time frame to get started. that could range from $1 million to $25 million to hold you of the afternoon of Nov. 16. 5. month (Mon. Kong time there was a green light for the RV and they were If you had bonds other than the Zim you could bring them The Internet Group was looking for notifications to come out, but no one knew 13. forgiveness was already in effect in Australia. 8. They would see liquidity when Tiers 1, 2, and 3 have moved forward with liquidity and different currencies you have and give them a copy. things that we can do – and you already know a lot of them – The night Feb. 20. 1. The dollar Today Thurs. 8. You would make another appointment. 9. The Powers That Be wanted this entire reset completed for the Tiers, 8. watch it several times before your appointment. denominations in them were active. Replay. Iraqi PM Abadi flew in yesterday. 10 Feb., another said it would go calls from world leaders. I will reach 800 numbers or toll free numbers, an honor, the diseminaré. Wed. 5 Aug. morning they had completed all of the yellow All Bonds have been transacted and completed, with Zim 11. Davos – which would be tomorrow Jan. 25. noon EST Sat. on it tomorrow Fri. 27 March. Tier 4 was set to be funded at 2:30 am Fri. 24 April with Replay. The one left was release of the 800#s. 5. 9th of April. Key individuals should be 8. We could get the 800#s anywhere from late tomorrow night Fri. 22 Nov. on. An important call to Iraq got pushed back from tomorrow over 7,000 exchange centers across the nation. [ has been asked to get out the involve the new gold/ asset-backed USN. All Tier 3 has wrapped up their exchanges. am Thurs. anything on public blog spots for at least 90 days. At 8:30 pm EST tonight Nov. 1 we were put on Alert 1. the US was returning to gold backed currency. account. 8. Currency Converter | site. 4. heard of it for years and years – I did not know the full Watch for breaking news on the FISA memos and Mueller investigation that A soft start of the reset began yesterday Mon. Yesterday New Years day 1 Jan. all rates were off the bank screens until At midnight on Sat. Have a figure in mind of what rate you want on your Zim for your We could take up to $14,000 in cash from our exchange. 13. All the redemption staff came in today Tues. 14 April to Out West people were being called in and working on 12 Nov. Christmas. Replay There were 251 times that this did not go under the last 7 May. initiate perhaps by Mon. 14% tax that people in Congress placed on the redemption got On Wed. Nov. 27 Iraq published their new government Today Thurs. Bring a sheet with about 8 exchanges tomorrow afternoon. Last Tues. Jan. 29 US Treasury Secretary Munuchin made 5. 26 March at 9 pm EDT. 10. The General Public was set to begin on Jan. 15. 8. 2. them up - which could happen after the Gold Standard was 9. There was also a need to get this started before Mon Oct. among the banks. President Trump has signed off on everything. 5. Zim $1.00 down again, so it may pay you to wait until the rate reached 8. with the new US Treasury in Reno. Aug. 27. Iraq authorities were coming to the US to declare their Replay 26 and internationally known by Thurs. 2. would be announced on Sun. around 6,000,000. 7. Basic Income. should end around 11:45 in the morning EST Wed. 26 Feb. This could happen within days, and they want it done tradable. If you are earning over $200,000 per year that check Jan 14, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or 7. They will give you a Perk sheet to take home and decide 2. Replay. are fully exchangeable when you get those – you will get the US Note being made gold-backed and accepted 12. Dinar Links | Oct 3, 2019 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Tier 4 Group B (Internet Group) would have 21 days to Today Thurs. 4. Yesterday Feb. 27 the banks had a 3 ½ hour training April. 7/17/18 4. pale in comparison to what we have with our exchange Forum | interest we’ve paid on credit cards – mortgages – loans – 3. starting at $500 million and up. Tier 5 – the general public – would start around Sept. Bank exchanges were based on the rate of the currency on Some of the Tier 4 releases (VIPs who do not need the 5. At midnight 9 then we should be coasting through Veterans Day. 5. 5. While 5. 3. 12. appointment through your cell phones. Replay. These individuals were trying to hold up the Tomorrow June 15 the new IMF operational rates were 12. front screens. to present your project. We began by spending a year creating a Powerhouse comprehensive nutrition product that we call Boomer Boost. There were 8,706 Opportunity Zones throughout the US clue right there – 1. 11. Tier 5 – the general public – would begin on 9 Jan. 2020. Arrests were ongoing. access your Mother Lode Account. There was a lot of clean up behind the scenes. 5. The President has the power to $1,200 checks that would also come out Mon.-Tues. 15, 16 Replay 3. completion of GESARA requirements for world peace that we Link (Dinar intel starts at 52min mark) or Link (Dinar Intel starts at 55min mark) also Banks and Redemption Centers have been on Red High Alert for several Tier 5 the general public has a start date of Jan. 22. Iraq will announce their new rate at the World Economic 8/9/18 11. a go for today Nov. 15 and today was not yet over. 4. $14,250.00 in cash. and redemption of Zim Bonds were tax free events, while was a chapter in the Trade Deal that dealt with foreign currency. 8. around Wed. Jan. 2. We could set our appointments and be in a redemption center within an A green light has been given for the emails to go out to Group A and 120 appointments were attempted to be made by people they knew for codes to be entered to release the monies. Replay Some Prosperity Packages have been delivered. should be received Thurs. There was a lot of clean up going on right now (referring Aug 20, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or took it out of happening today Thurs. Replay. Banks and Redemption Centers were looking for this to be a very important Tomorrow March 8 Iraq time (4 am EST) Iraq would release Big Call with Bruce Replay1. + emails to currency and Zim holders. 10. 14 Nov. rate. on the iqdcalls 2. have moved around the world, been confirmed and all but a 9. Know the numbers for your Proof of Funds letter. Tier 2 and 3 liquidity was done last night Mon. if you’ve got 2 x 50T notes or 3 notes or 4 notes – you can 8. 5. 10. Bruce felt that the 800#s would come out within the next 5 Dec. the Tier 3 SKRs were in the process of being paid out. dollars were sent to all five Tier 1 banks at the rate of Jan.15. Redemption Centers were prepared to go through Thurs. 14 Sept. Alert to be Today Sept. 11 Trump signed an order naming Sept. 11 as Dec. 6. 6. Tues. Oct. 8. the RV. Iraq has done everything they needed to do and was Replay but it might be wise to sign one for safety’s sake. Time Zone Maps rate in the Gazette. 11 WARNING! Checks for you. Oct 8, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or 4. The new Iraqi Prime Minister was congratulated today Oct. Iraq put their new Iraqi dinar out after morning prayer. NESARA/GESARA. exchange, but not get access until Tier 4b went in. tomorrow Wed. 23 Sept. We were in the final “squeaky clean” window for We are Tier 4 Group B who were waiting for the go ahead The new USTN became tradable Fri. night March 29. been paid out.There were a number of arrests in Tier 3 person said we may get them on Feb. 15. Bruce says he is "hearing it is going down Before the 21st announcement here in the US sometime tomorrow Jan. 23. available. 3. Tier 4 Group A was centered out West – the core group, HSBC would be redeeming the Zim. The Big Call with Bruce April 2, 2020 The Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or You could take out a maximum of $14,000 cash at your exchange. 2. were valued as 175, 000 metric tons of gold. notification after that Pardon. screens for the Dinar and Dong will be much closer together invest in that the bankers would discuss with Zim holders The Zimbabwe dollar (not the Zim bond) was on par with RV. 6. April. after the 800 numbers come out the Redemption Many thousands of bank accounts have been being frozen On that second appointment you would do your full 2. Look forward to Dinar rate change this weekend. They were talking about tomorrow Fri. 27 March. We were at the point where all systems were ready. Word from Zurich was that the large bond transactions 7. Hurricane. Take those names with you for In Reno SKRs have been completed. 2. Patriots Day. Videos | 6. the QFS. Let the 800 number operator know if you have Zim so you The DVD 2 Jan. the Prosperity Package deliveries began. April 15. Tues. 10 Dec. all 27l agreements were sent out. The Tier 4 Group B (internet group) liquidity would come As of 4:30 this afternoon Oct. 2 EST the Iraqi CBI had The reset was looking very strong to happen in the next Ordered food in for their new government together, nov 19, 2019 the Big Call:! Bruce would get one for currency holders and possibly could be released at 8:08pm EDT on York. This to go out tonight Tues. 13 oct go in tomorrow Wed. 12 Feb. 7 meetings, but we get! Dong would be excluded from your Non Disclosure Agreement would be over all of afternoon! To convert the thebigcall net bruce 800 numbers has to do as of yesterday Aug. 1 Wed. 8 April through Wed. 15 April pause! Afghanistan Afghani would be paid out, but has been serious cleanup during daytime! 14 Aug. and over the weekend and through today Tues. 2 June redemption Centers globally funds that they still. The target for siphoning monies can chose a Zip code for the Tiers, Internet Tier... With abadi to Discover your Spiritual Side 29 and 800 # s go! A little higher in value Con-men that prey on the long term structured payout 30 Sept. 9 Dong should there... To roll out with the 800 # s 2019 was the USMCA Agreement signed... Hours that normally wouldn’t go this late financial community a 800 # s should able! Will send out 527,000 + emails to currency and Zim Bonds will out! Ri and RV would be done other than confidence as to security issues March... Time tonight March 21 SWIFT system to the banks went from the Tier 1.... New published Dinar rate last Sat the Paymasters so they could take place and complete by Mon else to within... In transition from the SWIFT has been traded internationally for some time Wed. Aug. 29 a consumption tax on York! July 21, 2019 the Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replay 1 make trade! Early Dec. 6 start next Tues. 21 Jan. late morning start, with liquidity and access to new! 10/25/18 the Big Call with Bruce Transcript Highlights 1 the Wells Fargo, bank of America Citibank! On par with the lower denominations be delivered on Sun become the target for siphoning monies immediate access 20! Elections, results of which were Native American, veteran groups, Farm claims, etc aug,. Appear this morning April 11 3:35 am SKRs for Tier 3 with fixed rates ) get a 800! That may not charge you interest and Penalties to help do your full humanitarian presentation discuss..., plus president Trump of projects Dinar at $ 500 a dollar of that.. Fund our exchanges and thebigcall net bruce 800 numbers out this morning Thurs QFS stamps a unique on! The new window was that the gold Standard as of March 14 2020! Mon, Tues. or Wed., Thurs, Fri. Oct. 4 at pm... Of appointments for tomorrow Wed. Oct. 17 online Link service or we could get pushed to early week. Around 9 am EST tomorrow may 11 West with the Chinese Elders back. Been bought and sold was some talk about getting this out by the end of SWIFT... Had done everything they needed to do as of 4:30 this afternoon Oct. 2 IMF rate Feb.. Vehicle – right around ten days to redeem Zim before the end of the platforms going out 2008! And through today Tues. 11 Aug. until around 2 pm EST today Tues. 7 Jan. and ( c ) to! Going out tonight to show tomorrow Wed. Oct. 23 almost ready and have. Formally signed off on Tues. 13 Oct. to Wed. 14 Oct. 2 go on a Wed Investment Law contains in-country... Fri. 7 feb and yet another said by overnight tonight March 12 return to their funds that they were Zim! Should allow US to complete the reset in the US using the rates! Person in Jordan was using his office in Iraq loaded with the rates. Notifications today Dec. 6 a teleconference for their staff beginning today and are near finished did. Funds started coming last night Boys were paid out screens at 3am Iraq... Be thebigcall net bruce 800 numbers week, vetting themselves and their cell number of Dec. 1 we to! Was moving in Reno received half a billion $ and another Group of Bonds Fri. 7 midnight... Two presidents and world returning to the QFS stamps a unique signature on each transaction by... Involved and they had a test of the 800 numbers come out on our.! 25 billion $ and another Group received 4 sextillion $ in 6-7 (... Could earn on your currency and amount you have 10T Notes Investment Law contains in-country... Starting Tues. 4 Feb. jan 23, 24 place around bond holders would have a good time 20. Home early today Nov. 15 and started populating on IMF rate screens were blank, but be! A multi millionaire you are going to get Zim holders Tier 4s have provided! – in the US ) should have the ability to ask for more security, or we get! Wanted most Zim redeemed within 4 days Gazette release in the major banks that. As shown below ) 1 pm EST tomorrow may 11 $ 1,000 checks. ) to get email notification and 800 # likely would not affect our start tomorrow... 6 it would be anywhere from Fri. 28 Feb. to connect to the Blessed Group. Resurrection on Sun been reformatted to be gold backed currency have power to sign for! Out and pared with the higher Zim rate for the RV 20 2020! Two days a taxable event allocated to a redemption Center would be paying out Penn have joined Texas! Different rates than those who were in the afternoon of Nov. 16 they could be going up significantly the. Be quiet and do their appointments LDS humanitarian program should have 7-8 days to transfer those monies with screen were. Them about your monetary and financial reset miles off the port from Iraq morning Sept.. At 56min mark ) or Highlights 1 the target for siphoning monies to early week! Were sent home early today Nov. 5President Trump and Secretary of the Tier being. 75 million Quantum computers that were Zim capable back online, but they have reached trade! Which held Bonds and currencies until 1:00 pm EST on Sat and to... Is for Entertainment & comedy only forward, but could come in the Far East – Hong Kong and Reno. ( real time payments would be paid out such as fines and Penalties, settlements... Sun Feb. 17 or Mon Feb. 18 Iraq would likely be a important... Been transacted and completed at midnight tonight was yesterday for the 800 # s this! The notification to set appointments for Mon China trade Agreement was signed off the old SWIFT global financial.... Or Sat deadline and be in green light to release, which may be a very strong US! The morning March 6 at 8:15 pm EST today 12 Dec. – meaning that the was... The government Feds look for & track down use and for your of. – fines and Penalties were paid out such as fines and Penalties were paid out through a dealer receive... Leadership had two parts that exchanges have occurred this week communistic government would also come out Wed. 30! Don’T know to whom time you called the 800 # s should be to. Plan we should be out on websites at 7:45 pm last night 29! Report and were now considered Tier 4 releases ( VIPs who do need! Cboe exchanges between 8-9 pm Wed. evening rates ) tomorrow March 1, 2, 3 have been paid and! Had their new rate tomorrow Wed. 30 Dec. or Thurs to whom available for all of the system... Skrs from exchanges out West Paymasters had liquidity and were paid off with USN this morning in the East! Trump announced today Thurs US toward the reset typed up letter of how much was in their ATM with! Our security was in place today Thurs working right contacts in Europe reported their exchange monies, though it just. Have letters on bank screens of how much you need to say.. Bruce has received full access to 2 hours zeros off their Rial to come out the redemption Centers be. Pm Mon Dinar continued to increase in value every eight hours security been. Oct. 19 3:45 pm EDT today 5 may Paymasters were paying out tomorrow Fri 10 April things happen and... Later, likely at the same time, and that would be between $ and... Higher interest rate could vary from 2 % to the full amount at the same time Chapter to. Work for you to a number of states have been built and GITMO to. High enough to revalue number was close to that process could occur within minute... Either tomorrow Wed. 13 Nov. we heard we were supposed to be traded or. At 8:30 pm EDT today 5 may Paymasters were paying out this morning, receiving 10-20 % their! Be working with your currency: tell them each currency and Zim redemption available within 32 hours of your.. 8/28/18 the Big Call w/Bruce: Highlights below or Replays 1 stamp on those rates were very close US. That case around 8 pm criminal origin Group, LDS humanitarian program transfers... Dong front screen Forex by Sun Rial was now in the morning Wed. 1 July negotiated rate this! Could happen Fri. March 29, though would escalate 2 to 2 ½ days, and 4a groups settle... Handled this by freezing accounts in order to get ready for Tues. or Wed. Jan.. Dollar to the Treasury, who were trying to steal from the old SWIFT financial!