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A possible solution to this problem is for skilled professionals to enter into mandatory service in their origin country, before being able to migrate. Those who earn their qualifications from state universities should have to work in service to their country for a set amount of time, even though they are ready for the wider workplace.

This would address the shortage of workers in hospitals and schools, meanwhile gaining experience, in order to give something back to their community and country. For instance, in Romania, it is common practice for graduates from state-funded university courses to work in areas where their services are needed for a minimum of two years before they are able to apply to work abroad.

In conclusion, with the rising demand for nurses, doctors and teachers in economically rich countries like the UK, more and more people are leaving their poor origin countries in search of better pay, working conditions and benefits. It is, therefore, necessary for governments to put appropriate schemes into place, with mandatory service for state-funded degree holders.

If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below or on the Facebook page. Most problem solution papers written for exams do not require you to cite any outside sources.

Problem-Solution Essays: Definition and Examples

You may need to cite your sources if you are writing the problem solution paper for a class. Create a strong thesis statement. A problem-solution paper should have a thesis statement that appears in the introduction section and in the conclusion section. The thesis statement will act as the touchstone or guide map for the paper. It should discuss the situation and the problem that you are focusing on in the paper.

Identify your solutions. The best solutions to a problem will be easy to implement, effectively address the problem, and be cost problem solution essay examples problem solution problem solution for all involved. Think about the problem and come up with one to two solutions. You will then explore these solutions in your paper. Or you may come up with a solution that addresses the problem by changing an existing practice or habit.

Support your solutions with specific examples. Avoid simply listing problems and solutions in the essay in a general way. Use specific examples that allow you to expand on your solutions. Do not use general or vague language when discussing the solutions.

You may suggest that national eating healthy at home campaign is created, offering recipes online that take less than 30 minutes to prepare at home. Wrap up the paper with an evaluation. Once you have outlined your solutions in the body of the paper, you should end with the evaluation in the conclusion section.

Next effect: dog. Possible solution mentioned, but not used. Next effect: fence situation. Next solution : Talk to neighbors. But solution not successful. Last solutio n: Get evidence and turn to authorities. Last solution may not have been perfect, but it was acceptable.

Example problem solution essay

Can We Get Along? As we are growing up, most of us dream of having a family and a nice comfortable residence. Buying a house is a big and difficult decision; most people go through a lot of planning when they do it. Besides financial support, they also need to spend time searching for the right house. When question asks to discuss cause and effects, does that mean that, I have to mention reasons which cause a particular problem and result of that problem? I disagree with you in the point of writing about one problem and one solution in problem solution essay example drug abuse case of asking about the problems in plural and some solutions!

Instead, if you look at how the exam is markedthe examiner wants you to pick one or two problems and solutions and then expand on them with explanations and examples. More on how to do this below. You should be like a sniper when answering the question and only give very specific ideas, rather than ideas that generally talk about the overall issue. This has a lot to do with how you identify keywords and micro-keywords in the questions which we will look at below.

Lots of people think of good ideas for problems and then fail to link their solutions to these problems. Each problem should have a solution that is directly linked to it, or in other words, should solve the actual problem. Finally, some candidates think of really good problems and solutions that answer the question properly and then expand their answers with explanations and examples, but they talk too generally. Instead, you should be thinking of specific examples and explanations.

We will look at how to avoid this below. We analyse the question by thinking about three things: keywords micro-keywords action words Keywords are the words that tell us what the general topic is. Action words tell us what the examiner wants us to do. At least theoretical. You can easily use even your smartphone to research the topic. The third and probably the hottest field to dig in is politics. Some would say that those problems are the most confusing of all. And it is true in some way as politics influence each aspect of our life and those two we have already mentioned.

The fact that these require students to learn about a topic and then think about solving a problem makes these attractive to teachers. Since there are plenty of situations relating to technology, this topic is perfect for a problem-solution essay.

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How To Gather Information For A Problem-And-Solution Essay A problem-and-solution essay assignment is given to develop your skills in presenting a problem followed by a detailed plan on how it can be solved. Here are some things you should know about doing so: Check the Web for Background Information The first step in getting content for this kind of assignment is conducting some light research on the web for background information.What problems are caused by this?

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December 3, at pm. Ankit says. December 1, at pm. Hey Liz, Thank you for the essay. Thank you for your help in advance. Monu says. December 1, at am. November 30, at pm. Hi Liz! Rebecca says. Some of the best ways to close an essay are with rhetorical questions such as, "Isn't this the type of world we all seek to live in?

Ask others to join the cause, or direct them to some other source for more information. When it comes to finding a topic, stick close to home. What matters to you, personally? Are you a member of any type of organization that could use a little change? Or, perhaps you're not faced with any specific problem at the moment, but you know you will in the future. If you're entering college, you might have student loan debt in your future.

Perhaps you'll present viable solutions that the government or universities themselves can consider. It's important to reiterate the importance of a specific problem. It's the only way you can offer a precise, actionable solution. For example, you wouldn't want to select the dangers of the online world as a topic.

Instead, hone in one one specific branch of the online world, like Instagram or online dating apps. Then, you can provide a specific solution to that specific challenge. Throughout your academic career, you'll be tasked with various essay assignments. Problem solution essays are of a persuasive vein. It's the writer's job to not only persuade the audience to care, but also persuade them to take specific action.

Here are some tips that will make persuasive essay writing easy. Once you aleksi aaltonen dissertation a solid topic in hand, a systematic approach will bring readers into your corner in no time at all. One afternoon while my mom and my grandma were working in the backyard, they were a problem solution essay example fear when they saw an object fly across from his backyard and land next to my grandma.

The object was in a sealed envelope containing a rock.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Problem and Solution Essay Lesson

My mom and grandma ran into the house and waited until I got home from work. There was also a note from my neighbor inside the envelope. He ordered me to pay him money because my mom had been digging a garden, and he said that would cause the fence to fall down. At that point, I told myself that I had had enough abuse, and I had to take some action to protect my family. When I talked to other neighbors in the area, I learned that they were having problems with his teenage kids. The kids would sabotage the neighbors' property if they did not get something they wanted.

For example, they had their friends over and went to play basketball at my neighbor's basketball court in the middle of the night.

After the neighbors told them to go away and not use the court at such a late hour, the next thing they knew their cars had scratches on them, and their houses had toilet paper wrapped around them. I asked my neighbors to come forward and confront him, but no one was willing to do that because they were afraid of retaliation.

I had to take the matter into my own hands. I started to gather evidence. I took some pictures of his kids climbing over the back fence, which they did frequently. I also made notes of the times when his dog was chewing on the fence and chasing people on the street. I even videotaped daily activities on his property. After I got all the evidence that I needed, I presented it to the authorities, and they told me that the first step was to try to work things out with the neighbor before taking him to court.

They sent me to an arbitrator, who acted as a neutral third party in the dispute. Problem solution essay example neighbor was not too happy when he saw answers to statistics homework in the arbitration hearing, and he blamed me for everything that had been happening.

Part 3 of Confirm the paper follows a clear structure or outline. Review the paper and confirm it covers the four components of a problem solution paper. Make sure it addresses the problem and the solution in detail. Check that your thesis statement appears in the introduction and in the conclusion sections of the paper. Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Read the paper aloud to yourself to check for any misspelled words or grammatical errors.

Problem solution essay examples problem solution problem solution

Try reading the paper backward, starting at the end, to check for spelling mistakes. Circle the punctuation in the paper and confirm you are using all punctuation correctly. Revise the paper to fit the word count. If you are writing a problem solution paper for an exam, you will often have a set word count. The word count is usually very short, around words.

Make sure the paper falls under or at the word count. If it doesn't, you may need to revise it by shortening the sentences, tightening up the language, and making your ideas more concise. Check that your paper falls within this word count. How do I turn simple statements like "Find a substitute cleaning supply" into a sentence or paragraph? Tom De Backer. These words fall into one of two categories: padding or informative.

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